Humble beginnings

Robert Heru Prasetyo have been working in the financial industry since his early twenties. He worked at various banks in Jakarta, Indonesia and rose in rank to become Chief Financial Officer  at some of the major Indonesian banks. After the 1997 government uprising and Asian financial crisis, he decided to migrate to Australia with his wife and three young children.

Of course, once in Australia, he decided to do what he knows best: helping people with their finances.
He worked with Mortgage Choice until 2005 and then decided to open his own business: Community Network Home Loans

We focus on listening and understanding

The business runs on the philosophy of ‘friends in finance’ and ‘client for life’. This means that we value relationships more than anything else.

This made us more approachable, honest and empathetic in everything we do.
We do not judge you if you look like you have a bad financial history. There is always a way out.
Come to us and we will help you

We keep you updated even after it is settled

We understand that the loan process can be very stressful and filled with anxiety.

Therefore, we pride on keeping you updated and involved throughout the process.
This is, after all, your loan application.

We will update you throughout the process using email, sms and telephone calls.
On top of that, after the loan is settled, we will keep you informed on the status of your loan.

As a family oriented brokerage, we are always approachable to contact via phone or email.

We value your privacy

We are based in Australia and are subject to Australian laws and regulations regarding trade practises and financial advice.

We are proud to always be compliant with Australian privacy and financial regulations.

For a copy of our privacy policy, click on the link below:
Privacy Policy

The Team