We are great at what we do

We pride ourselves by giving the best service possible.

We specialise in first home buyers, refinances, equity release, investors and non-residents.
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We are also great because we have a proven loan process. From the initial interview to settlement and even throughout the life of the loan, we will make sure that you are taken care of.

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Our specialization

First Home Buyers

Welcome to the property market! We understand how confusing it is for you to get the first mortgage, so let us help. Didn’t have enough deposit? That’s OK. Just meet one of us and we may be able to help you regardless. Many lenders we partner with allow you to borrow 95% of the property value – giving you only 5% to contribute! Come meet us and we can help you for free.


So you have a home loan but want to get a better deal? As home loans are mostly variable and change constantly in nature, it is inevitable that your home loan may not be the best loan right now in the market. With us, you will get updates of the best deals and you will sure to have the best deal available. Come see us and we will find you a better deal!

Equity release

If you have an old home loan and have paid back most of it, you can release that amount you paid back as a new loan in line with the value of your house. Want to pay back your other debts? Want to get a new property and need a deposit? Want to get a new car? Wish to go on a vacation?
Just release the equity of your home!

Come meet us and we can help you for free.

Local investors and overseas investors

The property market is always a great place to invest. Regardless of residential or commercial, whether you live locally or living overseas, or whatever your financial circumstances may be, we partner with a range of lenders and products so we will always have one best suited for you. If you live overseas, we will take you through the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) application to make the whole process stress free. Contact us and we will help you for free.

Non-resident lending

You wish to move to Australia? We can help you to finance a house before you arrive! Many of our clients are parents who purchase a property for their children or people who wish to migrate to Australia and needing a residence. We will take you through the process and make sure it is transparent and stress free. Give us a ring or send us an email and we can help.

Our Process

  • 1- Initial Contact

    However you contact us, through the phone or by email, we will ask you basic questions to give us a basic insight on your scenario. We will provide you with our privacy statement and here by email or fax to ensure that you are aware of our privacy obligations. We will also give you our credit guide, so you know our accreditation, our role and our responsibilities as credit advisers. During this phase, we may ask you to bring further documents on the next meeting such as identity documents and income evidence documents.

  • 2- Client Interview

    This step is where we gather all necessary information for the loan in order for us to recommend you the best deal. We will make sure that we capture your needs and analyse your requirements properly during this phase. At the conclusion of this, we will recommend you some loan products to consider. For each recommendation, we can provide a detailed comparison to help you choose the best deal. We may also do any necessary paperwork together such as the First Home Buyers Grant application. Once all of that is complete, you can choose which loan to go ahead with and we can begin the loan application process.

  • 3- Application process

    This the where we compile a presentable application to the bank to consider with assistance from your conveyancer, builder and/or real estate agent. We will also haggle with the bank for better deals on your behalf. During this phase, we will notify you of any updates such as conditional approval and unconditional approval.

  • 4- Settlement preparation

    After the loan is unconditionally approved, we will prepare you for settlement such as by notifying you of the contribution required. We can also assist you in opening accounts at the banks if necessary.

  • 5- Settlement

    Congratulations! We will notify you of settlement success and inform you on what to expect after settlement.

  • 6- Life of the loan

    Our work doesn’t end there! Once the loan is settled, we will keep in touch with you to ensure that you are continually happy with the product we recommend. We will also provide news and bulletins about your chosen loan product.